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Rush Clovis/Padmé Amidala Fanfiction Links

Here are some stories focusing on the relationship between Padmé Amidala and her ex, Senator Rush Clovis of Scipio, featured in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Senate Spy" (2x04) and the Season 6 (Lost Missions) Clovis arc, i.e. the episodes "An Old Friend", "The Rise of Clovis", and "Crisis at the Heart".

If you have read or written any other fanfics about these two, PLEASE comment to let me know! Also let me know if you find Clovis/Padmé art, meta/analysis/discussions, or other fanworks such as vids. Anonymous comments are enabled.

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The best Star Wars blog post of all time

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth About Star Wars

The author of this post has earned my eternal respect and admiration. From now on I'll just throw the link at prequel-bashers because I'm sick and tired of repeating the same arguments and because he says everything I've ever wanted to say on the subject and more. Lots more. This guy is my hero, even if his reasoning about Jar Jar Binks here is a little weird, in my opinion.
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Devil's Advocate

Yesterday I read this post by ladyhadhafang: In Defense of "Woobie Villains".

There are several interesting, thought-provoking points in the post and the comments, and, oh boy, did it inspire some heated debate. Interesting doesn't mean I agree with them. Here are my objections. The first is that the subjectivity of the word "sympathetic" makes the whole discussion meaningless, in my opinion. What we do or don't find sympathetic varies from person to person. It depends on who we are and how we see the world. There are people who can empathize and even sympathize with fictional characters/villains that you find completely unsympathetic. And no, these people don't necessarily have the same psychological disorder, when applicable, as the character. Some do, but most don't.

Also, the "sympathetic" villain, defined at the beginning of the post as one who has a backstory that allows the audience to understand his or her motivations, is rarely the target of the rants about "woobie villains". As for the "woobie", "cuddly" villains that people rant about, are they villains at all?

No one thinks of themselves as evil. True. Self-justification is almost universal. Everyone, including villains, has reasons for what they are doing. True again. But "reasons" can be as simple as "Because I want to". This may be a perfectly valid reason, but characters who are motivated by it tend to be considered one-dimensional. Why? Because they don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves? Isn't that fascinating in itself? Let's be honest with ourselves - don't most of us wish sometimes that we could be like that? Imagine how much easier life is for such people. So, what constitutes a reason for doing something, too, is subjective.

Finally, the post mentions empathy. But empathy is about you, the reader, not about the character. If you can't empathize with a character, it isn't because of the character, because they are constructed in such a way that empathizing with them is impossible. It's because your – everyone's – ability to empathize has limits. But these limits aren't the same for everyone. Otherwise no one would be able to empathize with some characters – but that's not the case, contrarily to the claims of the author of Characters and Viewpoint (a book full of abusive generalizations, of words like "nobody" and "always" and the assumption that every reader thinks alike). There are people who can empathize with the most "unsympathetic" villains that seem one-dimensional to other people. And while being able to empathize with the bad guys doesn't mean rooting for them, for any work of fiction, there are people who can't relate to the good guys and who root for the bad ones. Such people exist. I know some.

What is it about Harry Potter?

I should be thinking about the upcoming midterm exams. Instead, I've been wondering why I like the Harry Potter series so much, when the main theme is "love conquers all", which is an overused fairy tale cliché and not one I like seeing in literature.

Another main theme is that bullies can become or are, deep down, good people; it seems to be a pattern in the books. I hate bullies and I haven't forgiven the kids and teacher who bullied me in first year (high school). I don't care what kind of people they may have become; if I met them today, I would be too angry to be polite to them. I don't want to read stories that vindicate or redeem bullies. So why do I love the HP books?

Is it because JK Rowling's magical universe is so absorbing? Because the emotional reactions of the characters are so easy to relate to? Because Harry is such an easy character to relate to? He was actually the first fictional character I'd been able to identify with to any significant degree. Why that is, though, is a complete mystery.

By the way, has anyone read Rowling's new book, Casual Vacancy? What do you think of it? Spoil me.
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What felt like the longest summer break ever is over.

I'm so excited about law school that I can hardly think about anything else. I can no longer hear the muse.

I'm going to disappear for a while. How long? I have no idea. I hope not the whole term, but it's a possibility. I might not read or post any fic (or anything else), but don't worry, I'll catch up eventually. I enjoy it too much to give it up. I'm addicted not quitting, just taking a break.
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Three things

- Still waiting for a response from law school. The waiting list looks more and more likely. That or a rejection. I wouldn't mind getting to finish my major, but I've already wasted so much time. If I hadn't screwed up after high school, I could have been a lawyer by now.

- University still on strike. It's been a month and a half. (What - did you think I was spending so much time on LJ while being a student? I'm not that sort of student!) All the free time is doing wonders for my muse, which brings me to the next point:

- I'll be posting a lot of fanfic in the months to come. But I realize most of you aren't here for the fic. Almost none of you are here for the SW fic. So I won't spam you with it. 90% of my fic will be posted in that community, and I won't crosspost to this journal except on rare occasions. If you're interested and don't want to miss anything, watch the community. It's essentially my and one other author's fic and rec comm.

My occasional Harry Potter fics will be posted in this LJ, as will the rare Star Wars OT stuff and anything else that isn't about the characters/dynamic that's my, um, specialty.
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Fanfic: Deception in Starlight (Palpatine, Padmé, mention of Anakin)

Fandom: Star Wars
Characters/Pairing: Palpatine and Padmé. Can be read as gen or het. Contains mentions of Anakin.
Rating: PG
Warning: creepiness
Era/timeline: 2 years before Attack of the Clones
Summary: He always enjoyed possessing beautiful things. A snapshot of the relationship between Chancellor Palpatine and Senator Padmé Amidala before the war, from his point of view.
Author's Note: A one-shot that may eventually become the prologue of a novel-length fic.

Deception in Starlight @palpatine_padme
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Star Wars is the love of my life

Want to know why I resist attempts to get me to give a chance to The Hunger Games or Game of Thrones or whatever people are crazy about these days? I'm sure nothing could ever equal Star Wars, but deep down I am afraid of a repeat of what happened when I saw the prequels. I couldn't handle having another obsession like Star Wars. Collapse )
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Fandom meta: The links between shipping and empathy/sympathy for fictional characters

When I learn new theories in class, often the first thing I think about is how they can be applied to fiction and fandom. "So when Anakin did this, this is what was happening in his head... If Padmé were to do that, this is how she might justify it to herself; these are the defense mechanisms she might use..." Occasionally, there's also "So this is how the jury will feel about my client, and this is why, and this is how I might be able to change their minds...". It's how I avoid getting bored, but it doesn't help me remember the details I need to know to do as well as I'd like on exams, details like the name of the theory's author. In fact, it's really distracting. But I'm not a Ravenclaw; I don't enjoy knowledge for its own sake. I estimate the value of knowledge by its usefulness.

Sometimes I find myself going beyond applying psychological theory to fiction and fandom. Sometimes I come up with whole new theories in attempts to understand phenomena like shipping. Today I'm going to talk about two such theories. They are based, we could say, on a case study of the case I know best: my own. (The caveat is that this case is rarely representative, as I realize the more I learn about what is considered normal.)

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The theories above are entirely untested. I have no idea if they accurately explain these things for anyone other than me. I'm curious to know if they do.