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where I talk to myself in front of an audience

In real life, I'm a law student with an undergrad degree in psychology. In my spare time, when I have any, I read and write fanfiction. Politics was my world once, and it will always be a part of me, so you'll find a lot of it in my stories. Consider yourself warned.

I'm one of the editors at jedi_news, the Star Wars daily newsletter.

My personal posts are friends only, but most fandom posts are public. Friending policy: go right ahead. No need to ask. If we have something in common, I'll most likely add you back.

Hogwarts House: Slytherclaw, or just Slytherin, according to Pottermore. I'm one of those straight-A students with sky-high ambition.

Nonexhaustive list of fandoms: Star Wars, Harry Potter (books only), The West Wing, Greek mythology, Legend of the Seeker, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Tudors, Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal (books and movies), Dangerous Liaisons, Phantom of the Opera, Notre Dame de Paris, Labyrinth, Twilight (I like it because it's screwed up!), and a bunch of others

Favorite Quote

"My one ambition has been to see. Is not Sight in a manner Insight? And to have knowledge or insight, is not that to have instinctive possession? To be able to discover the very substance of fact and to unite its essence to our essence? Of material possession what abides with you but an idea? Think, then, how glorious must be the life of a man who can stamp all realities upon his thought, place the springs of happiness within himself, and draw thence uncounted pleasures in idea, unspoiled by earthly stains. Thought is a key to all treasures; the miser's gains are ours without his cares.

"Thus I have soared above this world, where my enjoyments have been intellectual joys. I have reveled in the contemplation of seas, peoples, forests, and mountains! I have seen all things, calmly, and without weariness; I have set my desires on nothing; I have waited in expectation of everything. I have walked to and fro in the world as in a garden round about my own dwelling. Troubles, loves, ambitions, losses, and sorrows, as men call them, are for me ideas, which I transmute into waking dreams; I express and transpose instead of feeling them; instead of permitting them to prey upon my life, I dramatize and expand them; I divert myself with them as if they were romances which I could read by the power of vision within me. ...

"What are all the disasters that wait on your erratic whims, compared with the magnificent power of conjuring up the whole world within your soul, compared with the immeasurable joys of movement, unstrangled by the cords of time, unclogged by the fetters of space; the joys of beholding all things, of comprehending all things, of leaning over the parapet of the world to question the other spheres, to hearken to the voice of God?"
– Honoré de Balzac, The Magic Skin

The background above is an image of dust sculptures in the Rosette Nebula (NGC 2244) and is copyright © Ignacio de la Cueva Torregrosa.

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